ISG Performex™

Measure and benchmark the health of your technology value chain – from end to end.

ISG Performex™ enables enterprises to strengthen internal and external relationships, enhance end-user productivity and build a world-class workplace technology experience. 

With one of the world’s largest databases of workplace technology experience and relationship benchmarks, you can understand your performance relative to others, establish realistic performance targets and obtain consistently high quality, action-oriented results.

ISG Performex™ is a suite of solutions designed to help enterprises understand how their workplace technology, internal IT functions and provider relationships are serving their business goals.

Articulate the value of your relationships based on quantifiable and benchmarkable metrics. Understand where you are today and how that compares to others.


Measure the workplace experience of your user community.

Happy staff are more likely to deliver a positive customer experience.

The ISG UserX™ is a proven diagnostic tool to measure the workplace experience of the global user community, supported by the deepest, broadest benchmarking database of user experience metrics in the world.

ISG UserX™ Benchmarking database contains:

  • Over 500 different surveys
  • Over 8 years of comparative data
  • More than 2.7 million end user satisfaction data points
  • Internal and outsourced services 

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Assess the health of provider relationships.

Performex-Manage-AlignmentISG Relationship360™ assesses the health of enterprise-provider relationships, as well as how well IT is meeting the needs of the Business. Featuring bilateral feedback from all levels of the engagement, the ISG Relationship360™ can identify misalignments between and within organizations, as well as ensuring joint ownership for driving improvements. The output of the ISG Relationship360™ identifies the barriers and levers to developing more aligned and value-driven relationships.

The ISG Relationship360™ assesses the health of each relationship at all levels from the perspective both parties.

ISG Relationship360™ Benchmarking database contains:

  • Over 500 relationships
  • Over 8 years of comparative data
  • More than 120 questions benchmarked
  • Internal and external engagements

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