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Leveraging Industrial AI for Product Design

Industrial AI is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to augment, enhance and optimize various digital initiatives and processes within asset-heavy industries.

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When it comes to scaling AI, no one is doing it alone.
We help you navigate the AI partner ecosystem.

From selecting the right use cases through introducing robust orchestration to reduce risks, AI adoption at an enterprise scale can't be done in a silo. To get the leapfrog benefits of AI, you need the talent, tools and expertise of services and software providers. But knowing which provider(s) to rely on, how to build the contract and what's needed to ensure the results meet your expectations takes something extra.

That's where ISG comes in. We're independent sourcing experts who know the intricacies of AI adoption and the software and IT services market.

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The success of AI adoption relies on creating robust organizational and governance structures that accelerate AI adoption while managing risks. Cognitive infrastructures incorporating hybrid cloud, security, privacy, intelligent edge, and purpose-built AI solutions are changing the IT landscape, making technology adoption more difficult. Integrating model-aware computing is crucial for optimized AI performance and responsiveness. We help you select the right use cases and build the business case to accelerate adoption.

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GenAI has dramatically changed the delivery of core services. Your current partners may excel in various areas, but they might not be invested in AI or passing those savings to you. Our specialized research and proven methodology identify the true savings potential and partners that align with your AI needs. This strategic approach ensures you collaborate with the right experts who can drive your AI initiatives to success.

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To fully realize the potential of your AI investment, ISG offers a comprehensive suite of services, including organizational change management, a strategy realization office, and robust orchestration across your AI environment. These elements ensure effective risk mitigation and governance, guiding your journey from initial implementation to sustainable, large-scale AI integration. Our approach ensures that AI becomes a mainstream component of your operations, delivering continuous value and innovation.

Not your average IT architecture:

Our AI architecture is specific to adopting generative AI across your business. 

ISG Reference Architecture for GenAI

Our vision for the recommended architectural layout strategically positions generative AI as an industry-agnostic selection of relationships, grouping components as conceptual building blocks. At its core, a cognitive infrastructure forms the base foundation on which everything else is built. With this strong foundation in place, we envision the AI control plane and data layer as robust pillars for support. These pillars should serve as guardrails for your strategy and AI operations.

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Our Methodology for Achieving ROI from Enterprise AI

Based on our research on and experience with the current state of the applied generative AI market, we’ve developed the optimal path for enterprise AI adoption. Talk to an ISG advisor for support on your specific AI needs, partner ecosystem and decision making.

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ISG Methodology for Achieving ROI from Enterprise-grade AI
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Assessing the AI Market

The market is rapidly moving to take advantage of AI capabilities. Some industries are moving quicker than others, with use cases and technology assets to support specific needs. ISG is providing a full, complimentary report assessing the AI market current state and trends to help you get started. 

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But don't just take it from us.

Hear from clients we're working with today:

“I want to bring in ISG early to structure the sourcing guardrails, categories and pricing for AI.” 
- a large North American Bank


“ISG is akin to a fiduciary for us as a client – a trusted, independent third-party with expertise on how to build our GenAI approach.” - one of the top US financial institutions
“[ISG] not only highlighted issues we hadn’t considered but also provided practical strategies for addressing them. Their insights were instrumental in refining our operational framework." - large global travel & entertainment co.
“We wanted ISG in right at the start of our journey so we can cut through the hype and do this right the first time. This is moving so fast we need to avoid any missteps." 
- one of the top 15 US banks.
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