Our People


Prashant Kelker


Prashant Kelker leads ISG’s Digital Advisory Services and is the Chief Strategy Officer of ISG. He offers ISG’s clients 21 years of experience in Technology Strategy & Management. He works with enterprises to shape their operating models for a digital journey and brings 25 years of expertise in all aspects of applications and platforms, from designing transformations through the whole sourcing lifecycle. Prashant’s experience spans a range of industries, including Financial Services, Telecom and Media, Automotive and Utilities, and a range of geographies, including Europe, the Americas and India. Recently, he helped a Fortune 50 industrial manufacturing giant define its enterprise wide Digital Thread strategy. He has helped firms consolidate next-generation sourcing for applications, and execute digital transformations. His experience spans from leading core software product development to delivering IT services for application portfolios both onsite as well as offshore – which he combines this with digital trends to bring thought leadership to his engagements.