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Achieve a competitive edge through sustainable cost transparency, reduction and agility in your technology and business operations.

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Recession or Not, Cost Takeout Requires a New Approach

Breakthrough cost optimization is readily achievable, but it requires a new generation of techniques that improve upon and sometimes fully replace the cost optimization techniques of the past.

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For Resiliency & Digital Enablement: Optimize Your Costs 

The market continues to experience considerable transformation. Organizations face challenges as economic growth decelerates, interest rates remain high, labor markets normalize, and currencies experience volatility. While the likelihood of a recession has subsided, current market factors require companies to make strategic, data-driven decisions to balance cost containment with technology modernization, resiliency, and compliance.

Whether you’re under budget pressure, or you’re tuning your business for transformational growth, it’s critical that you find smart, sustainable ways to drive cost transparency, get lean, sustain operational efficiency and mitigate risks.

Cost optimization allows you to:

  • Accelerate and increase savings capture while positioning your organization for growth
  • Move from siloed processes and decision making to collaborative, transparent, and agile operations supported by AI enhanced insights.
  • Fix root causes in legacy processes and governance structures that are leading to unproductive costs.
  • Unlock capital to re-invest in enterprise transformation; and to reduce the cost of that transformation.
  • Build sustainable cost efficiency into your company DNA.

Immediately assessing and taking action on these critical areas will drive the results needed to position your enterprise for short and long-term success. ISG can help enterprises to identify and execute cost savings:

  • <30 days, ISG can develop a heat map, opportunity range of savings opportunities and implementation roadmap – up to 30% savings against addressable costs.
  • <60 days, we build a TCO benchmark, plus a business case and operating model to sustain optimized costs going forward.
  • <90 days we can guarantee realized savings to your company!

Start your year with money in the bank.
Invoice Forensics & Spend Analysis

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ISG Cost Optimization Study

Our global ISG Buyer Behavior Study, conducted in February 2023, asked more than 250 executives about their cost optimization plans and the expected impacts.

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Not every cost is the same.

Watch this ISG Thinks™ video to learn why building a comprehensive cost optimization strategy can make you more competitive in the digital era.

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