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ISG delivers data-driven analysis and actionable recommendations to help higher education clients further student achievement and success.

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Higher Education Trends 2024

What are education leaders seeing on the horizon? Greater opportunities for digital transformation.

Be on the watch for three trends in 2024:

  • Renewed focus on longer-term strategies that deliver quality education to a market redefined by the “work from home” and “learn from home” experience
  • Accelerated rate of adoption for software-as-a-service products to create online, real-time responsiveness and meet the demands of student, parents, faculty and staff
  • Tight IT talent market that will drive new partnerships, especially for cybersecurity expertise.

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Strategic Transformation to Focus on Mission, Goals and Objectives

Leaders of colleges, universities and academic medical centers face the extraordinary challenge of guiding institutions toward their missions even as they are buffeted by the external and internal forces of change: new business models, changing demographics, shifts in funding and an onslaught of regulation.

ISG understands these challenges because our experienced team of experts has been guiding higher education and academic medical center clients to successful outcomes in this environment for years. We deliver data-driven analysis and specific, actionable recommendations to clients looking to enhance recruiting and retention, improve the patient experience, transition to more effective and efficient service delivery or move enterprise applications to the cloud.

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HR Market Pulse: State of HR Analytics

We have seen good progress in the area of HR analytics, however significant opportunity still remains

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