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Will Enterprise Cloud Spend Get Squeezed in 2024?

2024 will see more conscientious cloud investments as enterprises seek to balance continued belt-tightening with AI hype.

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Where are you in your cloud journey?

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This might look like building a business case for cloud – the “why cloud” for your specific business. Or, you may have that down, but still need to figure out your cloud orchestration - how to integrate your cloud strategy with your operating model, what skillsets you need to accomplish goals, how to choose which model (hybrid, private, public) suits your business goals, and which provider(s) can help you. Click here to learn how ISG can help.

Stop us if this sounds familiar: you’ve migrated some workloads to the cloud, but now you’re facing major silos, budget issues, unmanaged capacity, and a lack of transparency, resiliency and skillsets to take full advantage of your cloud offerings. Are you only using cloud for storage and compute, and want to unlock value with cloud native services? Are you considering if you need a cloud center of excellence? Click here to learn how ISG can help.

You’ve made it – you’ve lifted, shifted, scaled and created a cloud center of excellence. But now there’s demand to provide service-based IT to your enterprise. Plus, you're struggling to stay ahead of managing spend, demand, capacity and consumption. Above and beyond all of that, you must show tangible ROI of your cloud investments – so how can you monetize to innovate new revenue opportunities?  Click here to learn how ISG can help.

Build Your Cloud Foundations

From Designing a Business Case to Your Cloud Orchestration Strategy

Every enterprise today feels the pressure – the shared infrastructure has been neglected in the rush to satisfy the digital imperatives of individual business areas. What are your options to modernize applications and data centers? What are the right SaaS/ERP systems, cloud/IaaS/PaaS solutions, networks approach? And how should you approach system integration with your legacy systems and digital upgrades?

ISG can help you create a business-value oriented "why cloud" case specific to your needs. We'll work with you to build a digital cloud strategy to determine what can be sourced to get your infrastructure up to expectations faster and more effectively. Along the way, we can help you find opportunities to optimize costs and fund your digital initiatives.

Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption

Unlocking Cloud Beyond Storage & Compute Capabilities

How do you achieve a consistent customer experience and highly reliable cloud services to meet your business needs? Our services help you accelerate your overall cloud adoption, modernization or migration. We can help you create a cloud center of excellence to do just that.

Whether you need to build new, cloud-based apps or transform your architecture to transition to a new operating model, ISG has actionable strategies, easy-to-customize, proven migration templates and experience to ensure your success. Plus, we account for cultural change, migration governance, organizational change management as part of our transformations.

Modernize your sourcing strategy for cloud tech, system integrators and managed services providers with our collaborative, joint solutioning throughout the downselect and selection process. ISG helps you achieve cost transparency, govern cloud decision-making, and track reporting, metrics and measurement via Cloud FinOps to optimize your cloud spend and usage.

Assess Your Cloud Strategy with ISG’s Rapid Cloud Appraisal

Optimize & Monetize Cloud Investments

Achieve Innovation and ROI to Support Your Business Objectives

We incorporate predictive cognitive analytics solutions to understand, monitor and optimize your cloud spending and performance. But beyond that, we're a trusted partner for innovative design, solutioning and sourcing of new market opportunities leveraging your cloud investments. 

Independently validate, verify and adjust your cloud scaling strategy and ensure alignment between your investments and value realized by measuring project costs up front and along the way with our Project-Estimation-as-a-Service offering. Our goal is to help you achieve single-pane cloud spend management, service-based IT, and new revenue from cloud innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our take on being a cloud advisor is to be an independent, unbiased advisor to our clients. Our framework addresses four main areas: creating a future vision for your cloud usage, building actionable operating models for adopting/migrating to cloud, designing how you manage and operate your day-to-day cloud usage, and defining your scaling strategy to achieve value at scale. All of this is supported by a foundation of cloud security and cloud benchmarking to ensure your investments are protected and to measure results and ROI along the way. Learn More

You’ve probably heard of private, public and hybrid clouds – this refers to your deployment model. The deployment model has a significant impact on the degree to which it meets the NIST characteristics. There are several key cloud providers for each. For private cloud, there are offerings from HP, VMWare, Openstack, Citrix, ServiceNow, IBM and others. Some public cloud providers include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce, Amazon Web Service (AWS) and others. Hybrid cloud deployments leverage both private and public cloud models. Learn More

We see many in the market beginning to look for answers on how to better their cloud security architecture and strategy, how to leverage a modern enterprise network to better enable cloud, how to manage a cloud partner ecosystem, and more. Contact us to speak with an advisor about our insights.

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