ISG GovernX® - Executive Insights

How to get the inside story on suppliers and track how they are performing in the market

Get control of your third-party environment, improve supplier performance and decrease spend. Leverage ISG’s knowledge and insights borne from more than $450 billion worth of enterprise client-supplier transactions.

ISG GovernX® insights can inform:

  • How active is my supplier in the market?
  • Does my supplier present a financial risk?
  • What operational issues has my supplier experienced?
  • What is my supplier’s customer service relationship? Or corporate social responsibility (CSR) track record?
  • What business problems has my supplier experienced that we need to know about?
  • What changes to senior personnel have my suppliers experienced?
  • What M&A activity has my supplier undertaken?

ISG GovernX® allows you to assess supplier delivery against regulations and monitor customer-specific requirements. Create a safe, coordinated and efficient sourcing environment so you can focus on your strategic goals.

Complexity and regulatory scrutiny of third-party relationships are on the rise. Get a comprehensive and data-driven way to control risk throughout the life of the relationship.

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