ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast Episode 12: Ecosystems, Partners and Platforms


Sourcing has come a long way since the days of large-scale, single-supplier deals. Back in the ‘90s, it was the norm for companies to hand over the management of IT or other business processes to a single service provider, often for 10 or more years. Fast forward almost three decades, and the world has changed dramatically. During that time, we have seen the length of outsourced contracts pared down, often to less than three years. Suppliers and service providers are now referred to as “partners” with the implication that they have a stake in the success of their customers’ business. And enterprises engage with a vast number of third parties, each of whom is selected for a specific ability to address a particular need.

This has resulted in a complex ecosystem of technologies and partners co-existing within an enterprise’s environment. Businesses are striving to maintain healthy ecosystems and avoid messy partner “divorces”, which are expensive and time-consuming. The challenge now is to adequately govern the many moving parts to drive continued business value and, at the same time, ensure operational agility, compliance and minimal risk. Of course, the key is to attentively manage performance, deliverables, obligations and compliance, and to communicate effectively. But the growing complexity within partner ecosystems makes effective governance increasingly difficult without the assistance of a comprehensive governance platform.

Lois Coatney, Partner and President at ISG, joins Barry in the latest edition of the ISG Smartalks™ podcast to discuss the challenges surrounding the new sourcing paradigm of ecosystems, partners and platforms. Tune in to hear their conversation.

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About the author

Lois is a recognized expert in the field of Service Management and Governance. As Partner and President, ISG GovernX®, she drives innovation and industry leading practices in the area of service integration, operational effectiveness and operating model transformation. She brings more than 25 years of experience in IT operations transformation to her work with such ISG clients as Abbott, CNA, Exelon, Loblaw, Monsanto, Pitney Bowes and United Technologies.