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Does Your IT Strategic Roadmap Meet the Needs of Your Business?

You need your information technology to support your overarching business strategy and objectives – a strategy that addresses the technologies, labor plans, spend, sourcing approaches, future-state vision and transformation you need to meet your business needs. How do your IT costs and capabilities compare to your peers in the market? What should be your transformation or modernization priorities? What delivery alternatives should you consider? What should you source or retain? Where can you optimize costs to fund transformation? 

ISG can help you analyze your current costs, clarify your target state, assess your best path to success, and prepare a plan, business case and messaging for leadership.

Unleash the Power of a Target Operating Model (TOM)

A successful strategy is one that you can execute. Execution cannot be separated from strategy in our agile world. Streamline your workflow to support the speed of business. Establish new roles, responsibilities and skillsets to meet business demand. Invest in the right technologies and automation to optimize delivery. 

Let us help you design a strategic target operating model and provider ecosystem that allows you to optimize how you deliver IT services.

Build “How” and “Who” Strategies 

No strategy can be executed in isolation.

Creating a strategy without considering your outsourcing and implementation partners is a design flaw. Other advisors can help you decide on “what” you should do. We focus our strategies on the “how” and “with whom.” 

ISG’s benchmark and industry peer data, business case support, technical know-how and transformation roadmap design set the industry standards. Your strategies benefit from our unrivaled experience. Plus, unlike our competitors, ISG has no conflicts of interest and does not perform traditional implementations, allowing us to maintain an unbiased perspective. 

With over $467 billion (and an additional $20bn YoY) in advised deals and unparalleled benchmarking and contractual data, no other advisory firm comes close to our level of market engagement and experience. Our strategies separate trend and technology hype from reality so you can execute realistic change with your partners and achieve your goals.

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