Support Growth with Cloud ERP Technology Transformation



A pharmaceutical company was experiencing high growth (over 30%), had highly manual processes and lacked the technology to enable the company to get to the next level. The company was interested in finding the best Cloud ERP platform for their employees globally. 
They chose ISG advisory services for business case development, HCM and Finance technology selection, SI selection, contract negotiations and deployment readiness.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG led the organization through development of a Cloud ERP roadmap and business case to achieve its strategy. 
ISG worked side-by-side with their client to identify and incorporate critical requirements into a full evaluation of Cloud ERP technology and system integrators.
Leveraging ISG IP, ISG drafted the key RFP questions and relevant use case scenarios and provided an effective evaluation model and scoring approach to ensure an objective process to meet the client’s needs. 
Based on ISG’s mark-to-market (M2M) and market knowledge, ISG also provided a path forward to help facilitate receipt of competitive pricing, and other favorable negotiables.

Future Made Possible

  • ISG provided the expertise and insight to help the company select the best fit modern Cloud ERP solution, focusing on the areas that mattered most. 
  • ISG streamlined the process through identification of the right shortlist of Cloud ERP and SI providers and use of ISG IP and templates throughout the process.
  • ISG helped the company achieve competitive terms and fees through market data and experience.
  • ISG identified critical deployment readiness activities (around resourcing, governance, and project readiness) to better position the organization for a successful deployment.