Infrastructure Optimization Strategy, Design and Execution Support

To ensure alignment with its overall corporate goals and IT strategy, this global consumer packaged goods company was looking for assistance and ISG’s best practices view on its four key infrastructure areas: IT hosting services, digital workplace, network and operations.



This global consumer packaged goods company's IT infrastructure team was reviewing its strategy and plans to ensure that it aligned and supported a recently defined corporate strategy to drive growth and profitability to its brand.  

To ensure alignment with the overall corporate goals and IT strategy, the company was looking for assistance and ISG’s best practices perspective for the following four key infrastructure areas:

  • IT hosting services (on-premise, hybrid and cloud)
  • Digital workplace
  • Network
  • Operations
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

The infrastructure strategy approach addressed the following for each area:

  • Review current strategy documentation
  • Review and incorporate current overall IT strategy direction and vision
  • Identify and incorporate current and emerging IT and industry trends into proposed strategy
  • Perform high-level current capability assessment and define the improvement roadmap
  • Challenge the strategy, approaches and timelines documented in the prior strategy, identifying areas to improve capabilities delivered to the business, increase the speed of transformation, or deliver higher quality and/or lower costs

Future Made Possible

As a result of the infrastructure strategy, the company's infrastructure vision and its alignment to the IT strategy and corporate strategy provides:

  • A vision for each area – where the company was going and why 
  • Key guiding principles for how the company would reach the vision
  • A capability-level assessment and target goals for capability enhancements
  • A long-term roadmap that included key milestones and deliverables along with an associated short-term detail plan
  • High-level estimates of investments required for new initiatives