A New IT Structure Roadmap

A durable goods manufacturer follows ISG’s blueprint for a restructured IT service portfolio.



An international manufacturer of durable goods asked ISG to analyze its centralized IT infrastructure services, to benchmark these services against the market and to design new services and cost allocation structures for its infrastructure delivery organization.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG designed a new service portfolio for the 10,000-user system, customized to the client’s needs, on the basis of the ISG Services Blueprint. A performance benchmark analyzed the current state of the system and identified alternatives and opportunities for improvement.

Future Made Possible

  • Potential savings of $1,200,000 out of a budget of $40,000,000
  • A new international IT services portfolio
  • A market-typical services structure to support a new cost allocation process and future benchmarks
  • Transparency about current cost drivers and areas of improvement
  • Robust data and reliable analysis to support important decisions
  • Recommendations for updating the IT strategy roadmap