From Watering Hole to Data Lake: Digital Technology Connects Farms and Harvests Efficiently


If I were to ask you to describe a typical farm, you might envision a farmer in overalls, a tractor and a big red barn, and you would be right, partially. Modern farmers are running sophisticated businesses and spending increasing amounts of time analyzing data on tablets, phones and laptops. In the barn, field or office, farmers’ tools have gone way beyond the Farmer’s Almanac – today, they are using the internet of things to monitor their farm and grow their business.

I recently had a chance to learn about a particular use case from Yash Technologies, a specialist in delivering business transformation through IT. Its large dairy equipment manufacturer client wanted to assist its dairy farm clients with feed management, cow comfort and health and milk production. At the same time, it wanted to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and improve system uptime.  

But Yash Technologies didn’t start with technology, it started by literally getting its proverbial hands dirty, asking questions about farming and farming equipment. This approach helped the company understand the obstacles dairy farms face and how it could best create value for both the farmers and the farming equipment manufacturer, its ultimate client.

By implementing AWS Greengrass, Yash Technologies connected and synced farming equipment with other devices and stored the resulting data in a data lake that was available even when not connected to the internet. This centralized approach provided the company’s client with up-to-the-minute data about equipment around the globe. Instead of as many as four visits to a farm each year, maintenance teams were better able to predict when equipment was ready for maintenance or was at risk of going down. Fewer visits significantly reduced the client’s costs and improved the farmers’ experience. Eliminating or significantly reducing downtime ensured optimal productivity and boosted cow comfort and safety.  

From hospitals to manufacturing plants, travel and hospitality and yes, even farms, this use case reminds us that digital transformation can significantly change the way a business goes to market, creating competitive advantages and improving customer and user experiences.

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About the author

John Boccuzzi, Jr. is Senior Director Sales, ISG Research, which is the community that brings together buyers and sellers of digital services and technologies, leveraging ISG’s data and market insights.

John runs a dynamic team of professionals that work closely with service providers to understand their needs and create solutions to drive success. A recognized speaker, blogger and TEDx speaker, John is a passionate thought leader in the area of Customer Experience. In 2018 John’s TEDx talk “I was Seduced by Exceptional Customer Service” was the most popular CX video of year by Omoto. John prides himself on focusing on the client’s needs and then developing unique solutions that will set an organization on the correct path.