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The Power of Choice: Optimizing Multi-channel Support

Today’s consumers have access to a myriad of channels to connect with the companies they patronize. If we have a question about our latest phone bill or want to switch electricity providers, we can initiate a conversation with these companies in numerous ways. As consumers demand new and increasingly flexible ways to access support, companies are responding by increasing customer service channels, including call centers, email, Live Chat, self-service portals and even social media.

In the business IT space, a similar trend is emerging, although the rate of change has been much slower. The traditional support framework, structured around a single call center with some ancillary self-service resources, is becoming obsolete. Users are beginning to expect a wider range of options for gaining support for their workplace technologies.

This ISG white paper explores how leading companies are embracing multi-channel IT support by providing users with access to a number of different support channels and by strategically guiding user traffic to optimize that support framework, an approach that is becoming the gold standard in the provision of end-user support.