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Energy company mines outsourcing for savings and efficiencies

A major oil and gas producer revamped its IT infrastructure resulting in a competitive advantage.


Market turbulence motivated this well-known oil and gas corporation to improve its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, including in its IT infrastructure, which affects the performance of all its business activities. The client wanted to keep strategic controls in-house while mining the cost savings of outsourcing specific IT functions.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG evaluated the strategic options for sourcing and delivering IT infrastructure, provided an outline for a sourcing program and implemented a multi-sourcing strategy blueprint. ISG assembled a program team of people with diverse skills and service-line experiences (including finance, legal and human resources) and from different countries where the corporation operates. ISG made communications management a priority and commenced the IT renovation in phases, in part to test feasibility and ensure that target goals were being realized.

Future Made Possible

  • The program team developed a detailed organization structure that inspired confidence among the many stakeholders who had to buy in to the changes.
  • Because the large-scale overhaul affected more than 4,000 employees and contractors, communication proved critical to smooth implementation.
  • The client appreciated ISG’s track record of success in this very complex, widespread renovation.