Leading Medical Device Company Operates More Smoothly

ISG helped a medical device company design, implement and train a new IT operating model for better quality, reliability and efficiency. 


A leading medical device company had an immediate need to improve IT accountability to the business. It wanted to align its business strategic objectives with its Information Services (IS) strategy to increase customer satisfaction with IT services.

Key business projects that generated large internal rate of return could not be implemented if identified outside of the yearly planning cycle due to lack of resource capacity. Lack of accountability in service operations and competing IT strategy had resulted in shadow IT services throughout the organization and an inability to provide assurance of value to the business.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

In a condensed timeframe, ISG reviewed the company’s entire IT organizational structure and performed detailed current-state assessments of functions and roles. We did this by interviewing key stakeholders in functional areas such as business relationship management, project and demand management, service portfolio management and provider governance. ISG then worked with the company to design a target operating model (TOM) with functional roles realigned to functional areas that were responsible and accountable for the activities being performed. We focused on aligning to the need for business agility. ISG also designed standard processes, provided training and supported the organizational change management to implement the new model.

Future Made Possible

  • The company received an operating model that set the enterprise-level strategy for functions such as IT architecture, financial planning, security and compliance, demand management and portfolio management.
  • The IS organization could better manage development with a view to enhance speed, agility, quality and throughput. It also allows the organization to manage maintenance and support with a focus on efficiency, reliability and predictability.
  • The company achieved its business expectations for IS services by implementing a governance framework for IS service accountability and performance management.