Upcoming Events

ISG hosts a number of flagship events which will fuel an environment for learning, sharing and connecting. The agendas brings attendees, technology and experiences together for an all-encompassing collaborative environment keeping ideas and innovation flowing. Sessions are interspersed with strategic insights from ISG experts and industry thought leaders and hands-on approach to cutting-edge technologies in Innovation Labs. Please see ISG Events for details.  

ISG advisors participate in events throughout the year and around the world. The following is a list of where you can find us.

29 Sep 2020Virtual

ISG Automation Summit

TBD Oct 2020VirtualDevOpsCon 2020Ola Chowning
1 Oct 2020

Austin, TX

CIO Austin

Megan Walling, Clay Calhoun

6 Oct 2020VirtualAgile Enterprise SummitISG-Hosted
15 Oct 2020

Atlanta, GA

CIO Atlanta

John Muhs

18 Oct 2020San Diego, CA

SAP for Utilities

Bob Lutz, Lisa Graver

23 Oct 2020Mercer Island

Global HR Consortium & HR Roundtable Annual Conference

Denise McDonnell, Linda Delbridge, Stacey Cadigan
27 Oct 2020VirtualTechXchange: Retail & Consumer Packed Goods ISG-Hosted
2 Nov 2020Houston, TX

Operation Excellence in Oil & Gas (SSON)

Dale Hearn
5-6 Nov 2020VirtualSourcing Industry ConferenceISG-Hosted
5-6 Nov 2020VirtualSourcing Industry Conference (UK)ISG-Hosted
17 Nov 2020VirtualDigital Business SummitISG-Hosted
24-25 Nov 2020VirtualISG Automation Summit LondonISG-Hosted
30 Nov 2020Deauville, FranceITES Innovation SummitHervé Ferrouillat
1 Dec 2020VirtualTechXchange: Smart Manufacturing ISG-Hosted