Network Advisory Services

Make your network secure, interconnected, interoperable and profitable.

How do you create, grow and maintain a scalable enterprise network that adds business value instead of just being a cost center?

  • The number of connected devices in use worldwide now exceeds 17 billion – and is on the rise.
  • Connectivity creates opportunity – and it creates complexity.
  • The network is the foundation of an enterprise, and it must meet the needs of the organization’s future.
  • Costs, contract terms and new communication capabilities are rapidly changing.

The network is digital – the future of networking is here today.

To succeed in the digital economy and outpace competition, enterprises must design, source, configure, deploy and manage next-generation network technology in the following capabilities: 

ISG Network Select
Co-location and Interconnection Services
Co-location gives enterprises the flexibility and freedom of having their own data center environment without the added costs of building and managing their own facility. You pay only for space and services you need all while maintaining control of your architecture, hardware and software. It allows you to take advantage of a providers’ early warning systems, redundancies and diversification of communications providers, so you can upgrade your space and technology as your company grows.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) 
UCaaS allows an enterprise to move communication infrastructure from a capital investment to an operating expense, allowing for increased capacity without additional spending on infrastructure. It allows the business to leverage the newest capabilities without having to re-skill IT or add additional human capital.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) 
CCaaS offer customizable capabilities with the latest in SMS, text, chat and intelligent automation so you can communicate with your customers in the way they want to communicate. A cloud-based contact center solution can improve your customer experience, give you data-driven insights and scale as operational needs change – all while keeping investment low and give you access to capabilities on the cutting edge. 

SD-WAN allows enterprises to leverage high-performance software-defined wide-area networks using lower cost and commercially available public networks, enabling the business to replace more expensive and limiting private infrastructure. It also bestows organizations with increased bandwidth at a lower cost, full visibility into the network and the agility they need by removing the burden of traffic management from physical devices and transferring it to software.   

Network Security
You need clear line of sight into today's threat environment so you can architect the right solution to meet your security needs. Today’s network security solutions help protect your customers’ personal data and information shared between computers on the network. It also prevents harm to an organization’s physical computers and better defends the business from possible attacks. 


ISG Network Select™

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ISG Network Select™ arms you with the most up-the-minute information, so you can make your networking decisions count.

Accelerate your digital transformation with a modern, future-proof network.

The network provider ecosystem is complex and expanding all the time. Tap into ISG Network Select™ capabilities and you’ll find the best solutions to power your digital transformation initiatives. 

ISG Network Select™ helps streamline and simplify how enterprises build their network solutions. Clients get access to detailed and current data on their vendor and technology options, insights to help negotiate better pricing, and processes to accelerate next-generation networking solutions.

ISG Network Select™ gives clients access to an expanded roster of more than 100 cloud solution providers, 60 carriers and more than 1,600 data center facilities across the U.S. It leverages in-depth market research, engineering resources and dynamic tools to assess your needs and quickly recommend solutions.

Know the facts. Explore the options. Make the right decision.

ISG's Proven Network Sourcing Methodology

ISG's proven network sourcing methodology leverages data from more than 2,000 contracts and three million rate points to give organizations the information they need to make the right decisions for their business. And the savings are substantial – between a quarter and a half of typical annual network spend.

We can help you:

  • Assess and optimize telecom contract pricing and terms
  • Assess your current environment against market standards to gauge opportunities and options
  • Consolidate contracts and vendors where feasible
  • Integrate wireline and wireless services and explore network convergence options
  • Better understand leading-edge and niche providers in the market
  • Develop a technology roadmap

ISG Network Advisory Services offers a range of solutions, including network strategy and design, contract audit and forensic services, network sourcing, and transition and transformation services.

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