The Digital Dish COVID-19 Special Edition: Mindfulness, Motivation and Mohawks


In this special edition of the ISG Digital Dish, co-hosts Lois Coatney, Jeanne Cuff and Julie Fernandez, together with ISG colleague Catrin Podmore, discuss the challenges of working from home under lockdown. Problems with technology and equipment, home-schooling needs, ever-present family and bandwidth issues combine to create a unique and often difficult environment in which to work.  All are finding different ways to cope with unique situations at home and discovering that the worlds of work and home-life are converging more than ever. Jeanne also interviews Nichole Michelson of performance coaching firm Vision Pursue, who offers insight into how we can all use mindfulness to improve our concentration and focus at work – now more than ever. She believes the way people think can make all the difference. Listen in to this COVID-19 special edition of the Digital Dish podcast to hear her advice on how to focus your mind to generate positive thoughts and outcomes during these difficult times. 


About the authors

Lois is a recognized expert in the field of Service Management and Governance. As Partner and President, ISG GovernX®, she drives innovation and industry leading practices in the area of service integration, operational effectiveness and operating model transformation. She brings more than 25 years of experience in IT operations transformation to her work with such ISG clients as Abbott, CNA, Exelon, Loblaw, Monsanto, Pitney Bowes and United Technologies.
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Jeanne Cuff is an Associate Director in the Governance Services-Managed Services organization who brings a broad set of experiences to support ISG clients. Jeanne has over 20 years of senior leadership and consulting roles in operations, human resources, network and SaaS.